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When home buyers make their first impression, it’s vital that it’s a good one. Often, a home’s landscaping is the first thing they will see. Most of the time, a home’s outdoor landscaping can be old, and unmaintained. If installed correctly, it can increase a properties value buy up to 10 percent!


The best time to start cleaning your yard is around a month before you plan to start showing people your home, this will give you enough time to make sure that everything looks great, and that nothing is out of place. Here are some steps to help you increase the value of your property, and improve your yard:

Container Plants

  • You should consider getting some container plants for your patio, this will give the area a much more vibrant feel, and will help give a great first impression to home buyers.

Mulch up the place!

  • Mulch really helps make an area look brand new, by applying some to your garden beds, it will enhance the contrast of the plants surrounding it, it’s also quite cheap.

Get some instant color

  • Seasonal colors can make a landscape look great, they are also not too expensive to install, you should aim for around several colors, which will help diversify your home’s personality, and give a great impression to home buyers.

Install overgrown trees in bad areas

  • If there’s some areas which need some work, it’s a great idea to hide it with shrubs or an overgrown tree, you don’t want to be showing home buyers dead branches. You can do this any time of the year.

Make sure that your water is clean!

You should get rid of any algae, leaves, and clean the water filters to ensure that the water stays clear. A functional water feature is a great way to make a lasting impression on home buyers.

Power wash any dirty surfaces

  • It’s a great idea to rent a power washer to clean pavements or patios, power washes won’t take much time to clean, and your surface will look brand new after! They are also great for cleaning fences, as well as bricks/vinyl.

Get a professional landscaper

At Stone Town Construction, this is what we specialize in, we know how to make your home look great, and present a great first impression to home buyers, get in touch today to see we can help.


"We translate vision into customized dreams come true..."

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