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Now that the wintry weather is almost gone and the colorful blooms Will be coming back, it’s time to think about spring cleaning. But while you’re washing windows, scrubbing walls and dusting corners inside the house, don’t forget about giving the outside a once-over, too.


Do you pavers look like this?


Patio and Walkway Restorations

Are your paver patios and walkways starting to get weeds or moss growing in between the joints? Do you have a lot of areas that are settled and need to be leveled out?

Stonetown Construction is now offering paver restorations.

We will make your patio look like brand new. We will clean your old pavers and fix any settled areas. Then we will sweep them with a new sand called “Polymeric Stabilization Sand.” This new sand has a plastic and a glue in it that makes the joints rock hard like cement when they are dry, but still permeable when they get wet.

  • Power Washing and cleaning of old
  • PaversRemoving weeds and moss from joints.
  • Lifting settled areas.
  • Relaying pavers
  • Sweeping joints with Polymeric Stabilization Sand.

Your pavers should look like this!

Give us a call or use the contact form and get your paver patio looking brand new!

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"We translate vision into customized dreams come true..."

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