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We all know how vital first impressions are when doing anything, whether it’s meeting someone, walking into a property, or going to a party – first impressions matter a lot! A good first impression to make and break deals, potential relationships, and the experience that you have.


This is why for when it comes to landscaping, it’s important to create a great first impression for your home! Whether it’s for your neighbours, friends, or potential buyers, investing in a high-quality landscape and maintaining it can be a great investment for your property, in this article, we will provide some tips on how to achieve the best ROI on your landscaping.


It’s good to not that a high-quality landscape increases a properties value on average by 20%. So if you’re looking to invest in your property for the long term, then landscaping is a great solution.


Have an idea of how much you should invest


A good rule to follow is to invest up to 10% of your home’s current value in landscaping. For this, you shouldn’t put everything in one place, you should improve the fences, pathways, and outdoor living space as well.


Have a plan in place


Landscaping is the same as any other home project, you should always have a solid idea and plan of what you want to accomplish. Factors of your plan should include who will be using the yard, what plants you will be installing, knowing what plants are best In your climate, etc etc etc.


Simplify the process, don’t make it complicated


Although you might enjoy gardening and have a taste for design, make sure that you keep it simple to avoid any issues. If you make your yard extremely unique, potential buyers might not feel the same way about your yard. The best landscapes are the gardens that are simple, but high-quality and well-maintained.


Think about outdoor living areas


Landscaping doesn’t have to be finished with just the garden, you can also consider adding an outdoor living area like a kitchen or patio! These spaces are a great way to entertain guests, and give your home a more high-quality feel.


Hire a professional


You should always hire a professional landscaping company when designing, planning, and budgeting – hiring a rookie can not only be costly, but can result in terrible work being done that will decrease the value of your home and be unsafe. Stone Town specialises in landscaping in the NJ area, get in touch today to see how we can help.


"We translate vision into customized dreams come true..."

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